What is HCG (human Chorionic Ganadotropin) is a biologically natural hormone that is produced in abundance in women during pregnancy, at which time its purpose is to use stored fat to nourish the developing foetus – whilst preserving the mother’s muscle tone.

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How much weight can I expect to lose?

The hCG protocol can help you lose fat in record time. Results may vary by individual, but typically you can expect to lose between 2 – 4 kg per week. Some people have lost up to 7 kgs.

Will the weight stay off?

Almost as powerful as the ability to access abnormal fat stores is the impact of hCG on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the master gland in the brain that, amongst other things, controls your fat banking capacity; including the speed of your metabolism and hunger cravings. hCG is believed to act at this level to reset metabolism.

Basically, the hypothalamus controls how much fat your store and where you store it – and when the metabolism is healthy and working at its optimum level, remaining fat free for the long term can become effortless.

How long do I need to stay on the treatment?

As a guide, if you have up to 7 kg to lose, you will require a 3 week program – or for those with more than 7 kg to lose, a 6 week program is recommended. Alternatively, you may opt to undertake 2 separate 3 week programs, 6-8 weeks apart, to give your body a break in-between.

Is calorie restriction required to maintain weight loss?

As hCG can directly impact on your hypothalamus, which controls your metabolism – by following a few simple guidelines, all fully explained by our experienced consultants, many find they are more easily able to maintain a stable weight before the treatment – in fact regular calorie intake can be regained upon completion.

Is hCG safe for men?

Yes, hCG is found in every human tissue, including men. In fact, men tend to get faster results and tend to lose more weight than women.

Diet alone is not always enough

A low calorie diet on its own will not results in permanent weight loss, however when used in conjunction with our experienced guidance through the 3 critical phases of preparation, treatment and post treatment, you will realise the results that you previously may have thought impossible. The hCG protocol will enable you to not only lose unwanted weight fat fast but more importantly, keep it off on the long term.

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Note: Individual results will vary. This is a guide to the typical weight loss experienced. hCG is an S4 listed item and can only be prescribed by a medical professional.